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Truly Ethical Frankincense

Dayaxa Frankincense is a Somaliland-based community enterprise, with a simple mission: ensure positive benefits for communities, people, and biodiversity by creating the world’s first blockchain-enabled, fully transparent frankincense value chain.

We offer a range of frankincense and myrrh essential oils, resins, and extracts, fully tracked to their origins, down to the trees that produced them and the people who harvested the resins. We fundamentally de-risk the supply chain for international clients, promote sustainable management and protection of biodiversity, and ensure that harvesting communities in Somaliland and Puntland are paid fairly and treated with respect and dignity.


The classic frankincense, a sweet and woody scent as familiar as it is famous.

The “King of Incense”, a rich, sonorous scent with a smoky allure.

The one and only Myrrh, a warm, spicy base note treasured since antiquity.

Groundbreaking Transparency

DFEC Directors Hamza Osman Ismail and Stephen Johnson discussing the importance of traceability during a harvesting community meeting.

True transparency means getting on the ground, talking to communities, working with harvesters and hiking the frankincense trails. It means knowing the people and places you’re sourcing from. Our team doesn’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk (sometimes kilometers and kilometers of it!). Using a custom-designed blockchain traceability app, and plenty of good, old-fashioned fieldwork, we ensure full traceability and chain of custody from the origin trees being harvested to the products being delivered to our clients. By doing so, we can ensure fair, consistent labor practices, honest partnerships with harvesting communities, sustainable harvesting practices, and protection of biodiversity.

Shortlisted for the Sustainable Ingredient Award
GSMA Grant Recipient

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