It is our mission to ensure that we harvest products sustainably. Through our training and education program we will help prevent harm to existing trees and actively encourage regeneration. We are looking to innovate by creating locally appropriate adaptive management plans to monitor the health of the trees and ensure their long-term viability. This innovation will allow us to better tailor orders for a company’s specific needs whilst keeping a closer more informed record of the tree’s history and health. Over time our ambition is to arrive at a single annual harvest ensuring yield and quality improve whilst allowing the trees to recover.

Working alongside family members and local people we will be focusing on supporting community created and driven development. We will invest in training to help educate and develop a better understanding of the relationship between sustainable harvesting and long-term future of the trees. We’ll also be investing in tools to help make the work safer more efficient and accessible.

We will work closely with the farmers to achieve a fair price ensuring day to day living standards improve.

Quality guarantee
Members of our company are present throughout the whole process. From monitoring and supporting the harvesters to maintain sustainable practices, to sorting, storing and shipping. Quality control is monitored and assured.

Social Enterprise
Through our social enterprise initiative, we will make a difference to the lives of the farmers and their families by investing back into the infrastructure of the area. We will partner with them to prioritise improvements including schooling, water infrastructure and transportation.

Over time, as we help improve the prospects of the local people, we will innovate and look at developing alternative, sustainable revenue streams.